People often talk about quality of life as a future goal, something they dream about, but it can be a reality right here and right now. Those of us fortunate enough to be in this idyllic spot are already living the dream every day, and it's a little different for everyone...
The Sunshine Coast

Our stretch of coastline is called the Sunshine Coast and the area certainly lives up to that name.

Royal Alfred Marina residents have enviable access to one of the most beautiful beaches around – East Beach. Our home owners have their own access gateway to this pristine stretch of golden sands. This beach is a favourite haunt of joggers, surfers, sun worshippers, and dog walkers.

Here you can walk for what seems like forever, breathing in the freshest sea air and enjoying the changing scenery from spectacular sunrises to glorious sunsets, watching as the seasons merge one into the other.

Fishing, Surfing and Diving

Port Alfred has a reputation for great game fishing. This place is a fisherman’s paradise – whether you are a sea-going enthusiast or a freshwater angler. Not only can you enjoy direct access through sheltered breakwaters to the rich fishing grounds in the open sea, you also can explore the long reaches of the Kowie River. Catch fish or crabs and sometimes even prawns.

Map of the Kowie River

Port Alfred is also known for its surfing. When conditions are right, it's the East Pier on our beach that draws in the surfers.

There is excellent scuba diving in Port Alfred with fantastic year-round diving at Fountain Rocks, a breeding ground for the ragged tooth shark. Port Alfred dive sites are famous for soft coral, the numerous wrecks that dot around our shores and the incredible "Lunar landing" where crayfish breed.

Boating and Barging

Watercraft are integral to marina living. Whether you're into speed or leisure, everyone goes out on the water. Marina homes each have their own jetty, and boats can be used 24/7 – even when the tide is out.

There are boats and barges of all shapes and sizes, and we all love to be on the water, whether to paddle the canals, ride out to sea, or to spend the day exploring further up our beautiful Kowie River.

The Marina borders the 250-berth Small Boat Harbour, which boasts a launching ramp that easily accommodates all our property owners' craft.

At One with Nature

Our enticing Kowie River is navigable for approximately 20 kilometres and ideal for water-skiing, canoeing, angling, board sailing and general boating. But, more importantly, it brings an array of fascinating bird and marine life right to us.

For birdwatching and nature enthusiasts, the sights are unsurpassed. Even the regal Fish Eagle can be found in abundance. And each spring there is great excitement when the resident Egyptian geese paddle along the canals trailed by their fluffy youngsters.

Sometimes we have other visitors too. For instance, a seal, aptly named Sammy, has taken to spending many of the summer months lazing on the canal banks.

To learn more about our natural environment and how we protect it, read about our  Blue Flag status.

Simple Childhood Pleasures

This is one of those special places where kids can enjoy the kind of simple childhood pleasures that their grandparents remember, without their parents worrying about security. Here they run around freely, ride their bikes and scooters, and visit friends on neighbouring islands. They can swim in the canals and paddle their own canoes.

The older ones love to explore the beach and rock pools, collect shells and seaweed and watch the hundreds of sea snails as they create intricate patterns in the wet sand. The braver amongst them climb the high dunes and whizz down the sandy slopes.

School holidays are a blast on the Marina, always busy, always outdoors, always fun.