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The purpose of this policy is to describe what cookies are, what we use them for, and to give you a choice to accept or decline them when using this website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites may place in a user's browser directory. A website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file (cookie) unless the viewer has specifically refused cookies. Cookies are not viruses, they use a plain text format, so they cannot be executed. Many websites use cookies - you can find out more about them on the Internet Cookies website.

Why does this website use cookies?

Cookies can serve a number of purposes - they facilitate use of a website and may allow a site to track usage trends and compile aggregate data. The cookies on this website may be used to:

  • enhance functionality and your experience of the site (session cookies)
  • allow Google to track statistical data on site usage (3rd party analytics cookies)
  • link to social media (3rd party analytics cookies, e.g. Facebook or Instagram)

Please visit Cookie Serve to check what cookies are used on various websites (our website may show no cookies because they are blocked until individual viewers enable them).

Are cookies optional?

Yes! All you need to do is to click the "Decline" button on this website's consent banner to reject its cookies. In general, your browser will accept cookies automatically unless a website gives you a choice to accept or decline them. You can always clean up your browser manually. Please visit Digital Trends to find out how to delete cookies.

Please be aware that should you choose to use our website without cookies, in some instances certain services, features and functionality may not be available to you.

Will this cookie policy change?

It could. Should we extend the website with additional functionality, we may need to update this policy. The consent banner is automatically reactivated every 60 days so that regular viewers can choose again whether to accept or decline cookies.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about our web policies, or to find out what personal information RAMHOA may hold about you please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Viewer Privacy Policy

RAMHOA (Royal Alfred Marina Home Owners Association) respects our viewers' privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information they choose to share with us via this website. This policy tells you how the site processes personal information.

Why do we collect personal information?

This website processes personal information voluntarily submitted by viewers to display their adverts, news and photo gallery additions. Viewers may also choose to subscribe to our mailing list.

How does this site process personal information?

Personal information is collected on this website through the use of forms. Any information submitted via our forms is processed immediately and then automatically deleted from the server.

The only personal information publicly displayed on this website is either already in the public domain, or is displayed with the prior permission of the data subject.

How do we protect personal information?

RAMHOA takes privacy very seriously and has implemented practical and appropriate measures to keep personal information received via this website as safe as possible from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Is the website secure from hacking?

No online system can claim to be 100% secure so we cannot guarantee our site's absolute impregnability. However, in addition to the data centre security measures in place, this website has an extra firewall of its own to detect and block hostile intrusions.


Whilst all possible care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information presented on this website, neither RAMHOA, nor its Excom, nor staff, nor appointed operators accept any responsibility for any incorrect information or any damage arising from the inclusion or processing of information.

Changes and amendments

We reserve the right to modify policies relating to this website and its services at any time. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. Continued use of the website after any changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Acceptance of these website policies

By clicking the "Accept" button on the consent banner you acknowledge that you have read our website policies and agree to all the data practices described herein. If you "Decline" you should not use this website.

This page was last updated: 14 November 2021